NS 3700

The NS 3700 was a series of steam locomotives owned by the Dutch Railway Company (Nederlandse Spoorwegen or NS). For many years, the Jumbo, which is the nickname of the NS 3700, was the most important steam locomotive for pulling high-speed trains in the Netherlands.


The Company for the Exploitation of the State Railways (Maatschappij tot Exploitatie van Staatsspoorwegen or SS) is the predecessor of the Dutch Railways (Nederlandse Spoorwegen or NS). The SS decided to design a new high-speed train locomotive after testing a locomotive of the German Railway company. It became a machine with two inner- and outer cylinders, and a Belpaire fire chest. Because of the cylinders and the fire chest, these machines had twice as much power as their predecessors. The nickname they were given was the ‘Jumbo’. On the 28th of August 1911, the first test drive of the SS 731 (later the NS 3737) was done. Which made this locomotive the first of its kind in the Netherlands. When the Dutch Railways (or the NS) was founded, the NS 3700 was still the most important locomotive used for high-speed trains in the Netherlands. On the 7th of January 1958, the NS 3737 performed its very last ride for the Dutch Railway.

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