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About Us

It all started as a hobby. Building replicas of real-life trains. A great hobby that takes up a lot of time. The building of real-life Lego trains does not differ that much from regular model building. In both cases, you would want to build a train that is detailed and looks exactly like the actual train. The main difference is, that with Lego bricks you can only work with certain components. That’s why the usage of Lego bricks is more challenging!

When other Lego fans showed interest in the trains (AFOL), we were asked several times if the models were up for sale. People were interested in buying these trains to expand their own Lego collection. This is when we came up with our idea! We wanted to design the trains for the other fans, so they can enjoy building them just like us. The trains that we designed are all delivered as a complete and new building set. Besides this, it would be great if other Lego fans showcase our trains on events.

At the end of 2012, we started selling several trains models. People were enthusiastic about the models and they were selling quite well, despite the global financial crisis. At this point we were certain about it, people were interested in buying our trains! In the beginning of 2014, we decided to establish HA bricks. What started as a hobby, is now a successful business!

We need many Lego components to be able to sell the complete building sets. The exquisitely detailed model trains we are selling hold a lot more components than the standard Lego trains. Besides that, we only work with new Lego bricks. This is something we find important and it is what we stand for. If in the future, we have to use Lego bricks that are not manufactured any longer, we will use second-hand bricks. We will try to avoid this as much as possible.

Because we use some bricks from existing Lego sets, we are stuck with a lot of leftover Lego bricks, which we cannot use. These bricks are sold on Bricklink and BrickOwl. HA bricks is starting to be a successful business. We are still small, but definitely growing fast!

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